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John Perkins:
Biographical Information

Founder of Mendenhall Ministries
John Perkins and his family have been ministering among the poor for the last 39 years. In 1960, John Perkins, his wife, Vera Mae, and their children left a "successful" life in California and moved back to Mendenhall, Mississippi, to begin ministry

In 12 years, John Perkins helped start a day-care center, a youth program, a church, an adult education program, a cooperative fair, a thrift store, a housing repair ministry, and a health center. Today, Mendenhall Ministries thrives under the leadership of Artis Fletcher.

Founder of Voice of Calvary Ministries
In 1972, the Perkins moved to Jackson, where they founded Voice of Calvary Ministries-another Christian community development ministry. Voice of Calvary Ministries started a church, a health center, a leadership development program, a thrift store, a low-income housing development, and a training center. From their ministry, other development projects started in the neighboring towns of Canton, New Hebron, and Edwards. Rev. Phillip K. Reed has since assumed the leadership of this dynamic ministry.

Founder of Harambee Christian Family Center
In 1982, John Perkins moved to Pasadena and founded Harambee Christian Family Center in Northwest Pasadena. This neighborhood had one of the highest daytime crime rates in California. After 12 years, Harambee Christian Family Center is running numerous programs, including after school tutoring, Good News Bible Clubs, computer learning center, summer day camp, youth internship program, and a college scholarship program. Derek Perkins, John's son, now serves as executive director of this vital organization.

Co-founder and Chairman of the Christian Community Development Association
In 1989 John Perkins helped with the formation of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). Its first conference attracted over 300 participants from all over the country. From 1990 to 1991 CCDA doubled its organizational membership from 37 to nearly 100 organizations. Today CCDA has over 600 organizational members and 3,000 individual members in over 100 cities. These members are applying some of the most creative and dynamic solutions to America's urban needs. CCDA members meet together annually and through regional workshops in order to share skills and network together. In November of 1993, CCDA met in Jackson, Mississippi, where over 1,300 people participated in the conference. In November of 1998, CCDA met in St. Louis, and over 2,000 people gathered for the annual conference.

Publisher of URBAN FAMILY Magazine
In 1992 John Perkins began publishing URBAN FAMILY magazine in response to the increasing violence within our inner cities, as well as the breakdown of urban families and communities. The mission of URBAN FAMILY is to be a voice of hope and progress, offering solutions that emphasize responsibility, affirm dignity, build moral character, and encourage reconciliation. Circulation rose from 13,000 to 35,000 nationally. This magazine changed names to a more appropriate reconciliation title, the RECONCILERS FELLOWSHIP, but due to the death of the editor-in-chief, Spencer Perkins, in January 1998, the publication of this magazine was discontinued in the fall of 1998.

Founder of Harambee Preparatory School
In the fall of 1995, Priscilla Perkins and Julie Ragland opened the Harambee Preparatory School (HPS), a fully endowed elementary school providing quality education to prepare neighborhood children for college. HPS desires to see the children of poverty level homes receive a quality academic training in a secure and loving environment.

Despite having dropped out of school in the third grade, Perkins has been recognized for his work with seven honorary doctorates: from Wheaton College, Gordon College, Huntington College, Spring Arbor College, Geneva College, Northpark College, and Belhaven College. He is the author of nine books, including A Quiet Revolution, Let Justice Roll Down, With Justice for All, Beyond Charity, He's My Brother, Resurrecting Hope, and A Time to Heal, and has written numerous chapters in others. Perkins formally served on the Board of Directors of World Vision, Prison Fellowship, Convention College, NAE Spring Arbor College, and 15 other boards. He is an international speaker, teacher on issues of racial reconciliation, indigenous leadership development, and community development.

Historical Background
1930 Born into a sharecropper's family, New Hebron, MS
1947 Moved to Pasadena, CA
1947-50 Organizer & steward, Iron Workers Union
1951 Married Vera Mae Buckley
1951-53 Armed Services, Korean War
1957 Became a Christian
1958 Ordained Baptist Minister, Monrovia, CA
1960 Moved to Mendenhall, MS
1961 Organizer/pastor, Berean Bible Church
1961 Involved in creation of Voice of Calvary Bible 1968
Institute, Health Care Center, Leadership Development Program
1970 Co-founder, Southern Cooperative Development Fund
1972 Moved to Jackson, MS
Organizer/pastor, Voice of Calvary Fellowship Church
Founded and president of Voice of Calvary Ministries
Initiated and developed programs in Health Care Leadership Development, Thrifco (cooperative discount stores), and P.D.I. (housing renovation)
1982 Moved back to Pasadena, CA
1982 Founded John M. Perkins Foundation
1984 Founded Harambee Christian Family Center
1989 Co-founder of the Christian Community
1996 Moved back to Jackson, MS

Present Activities
International author, speaker and lecturer
President, John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development
Chairman of the Board, CCDA

Former Board Membership
World Vision, U.S.
Prison Fellowship

Honors and Awards
1980 Honorary Doctor of Laws, Wheaton College
1982 Honorary Doctor of Public Service, Gordon College
1983 Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Huntington College
1992 Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Spring Arbor College
1995 Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Geneva College
1996 Honorary Doctor of Human Letters, Northpark College
1997 Honorary Doctor of Education, Belhaven College
1972 Ford Foundation Fellow
1978, 1979, 1980 Distinguished Black American
1980 John W. Dixon Outstanding Community Service Award
1984 Black Business Association of Pasadena/Altadena Humanitarian of the Year
1980 Who's Who of International Intellectuals
1986 NAACP's Ruby McKnight Williams Award
1988 Personalities of America, 4th ed., Barthe's Historical Society
1988 American Biographical Institute
1980 Mississippi Religious Leadership Man of the Year

Stanford University, Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Berlin, Howard University, Wheaton University, and over 200 other colleges nationally and internationally

Conference Speaker
Promise Keepers
Heritage Foundation
Greenbelt Festival, England
General Session Speaker, Urbana
National Association of Evangelicals
International Council of Biblical Inerrancy
President's Private Sector Initiative Program
Christian community Development Association
President Reagan's Task Force on Food Assistance

Magazine contributions include:
Campus Life, Christianity Today, Decision, Eternity, Family Life, Jet, Lifeline, Moody Monthly, The Other Side, The Quiet Revolution, Sojourners, Time, Charisma, New Man, Policy Review

Books include:
Let Justice Roll Down (Regal, 1976)
A Quiet Revolution (England: Marshall-Pickering, 1976)
A Call to Wholistic Ministry (Open Doors Press, 1981)
With Justice for All (Regal, 1982)
John Perkins: Land Where My Father Died (Regal, 1987)
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness (1988)
Beyond Charity (Baker Book House, 1993)
He's My Brother (Chosen Books, 1994)
Resurrecting Hope (Regal, 1995)
Today's Heroes: John M. Perkins (Zondervan, 1996)
A Time to Heal (Baker, 1997)

Radio and Television
World Vision Telethon, Focus on the Family, 100 Huntley Club, Canada; 700 Club, TBN; C-SPAN; ABC World News

Film Productions
Christian Community Development Seminar on video
Building Christian Leaders on Ghetto Earth
Voice of Calvary, Voice of Hope
Breaking America's Poverty Cycle: A Model of Development
Miracle in Mendenhall
John Perkins: Cry Justice (documentary)

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